Path to Sustainable Growth

The Natural Palm Group Company Limited (Natural Palm Group) was formed in 2002 to operate the production and sale of palm oil, with a firm commitment to grow business in tandem with environmental conservation and community development.

With the vision of becoming a pioneer to build a solid foundation for Thailand’s palm oil market at the regional and global levels, we not only actively support sustainable, eco-friendly palm oil production in the community where we operate, we also are committed to leverage the country’s palm oil industry with state-of-the-art technology. Every step throughout our production process aims to preserve the pristine equilibrium of nature, while offering the best products with utmost natural wholesome values to both business and general consumers.

Natural Palm Group’s Milestones of Success


The Natural Group was formed, with the establishment of the Natural Palm Oil Company Limited to operate its first crude palm oil extraction plant in Surat Thani Province.


The Natural Palm Oil (Chumphon) Company Limited – renamed the “Natural Palm Group Company Limited” in 2010 – was founded to operate the second crude palm oil extraction plant in Chumphon Province.


The production of biogas from the plant’s wastewater was initiated for use as renewable energy for oil refinery. The advanced biological wastewater treatment system of Danish technology was adopted. Being the first in the country to be granted with the Ministry of Energy’s electrical concession, the Natural Palm Group used excess biogas to generate electricity for sale to the Provincial Electricity Authority.


The trademark “BEE” was registered for use with consumer palm oil products.


The Natural Palm Group received certification for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration, and HALAL certification from the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.


The Natural Palm Group was accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 standard in quality management system.


The Natural Palm Group was certified by the HACCP Food Safety Management System and the KOSHER standard; its product-packaging factory was opened in Samut Prakan Province, to further expand business potentials.


The biomass power plant in Chumphon Province started operations, using left-over oil palm clusters from the production process as biomass fuel for power generation at the refinery plant


The Natural Palm Group’s refinery plant was certified with the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standard; Palm oil products under the “BEE” brand obtained ‘Carbon Footprint’ labels from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization).

Standing Alongside the Community and the Environment

The driving force behind the Natural Palm Group’s operations lies on the intent to see a community become self-sustainable, and the commitment to play a significant role in environmental conservation.

:: Community Development ::

Apart from creating local jobs and a steady flow of income through employment, the Natural Palm Group also supports oil palm plantations and purchases oil palm produce at reasonable prices. In addition, the Company provides knowledge transfer to community members regarding the use of palm clusters for organic fertilizer production and mushroom cultivation, with the aim of providing them with a second source of income. On a continuous basis, the Company contributes to various beneficial community activities – including the provision of student scholarships, the promotion of culture and sports, and the allocation of budgets for public facilities and utilities development.

:: Environmental Friendliness ::

The Natural Palm Group has taken the initiative of using wastewater from its plants in the production of biogas, and the generation of electricity for sale to the Provincial Electricity Authority. This initiative effectively helps reduce the consumption of fuel oil – a precious natural resource of limited availability; lower the emissions of methane and greenhouse gases; eliminate undesirable odours; and mitigate the lack of electricity supply. Focusing on the maximum use of natural resources, the Company has created added value to palm clusters – which is considered production waste – by using them in the production of organic fertilizer and in the development of biomass for power generation at the refinery.

With an environmentally friendly production process that helps reduce energy cost, products of the Natural Palm Group consequently have a very low carbon footprint. Thereby, choosing the Natural Palm Group’s products is a simple way of helping mitigate pollution and global warming.


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